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Our Services

Drafting Legal Documents

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Our services include drafting correspondence
& pleadings, such as:

  • complaints
  • subpoenas
  • interrogatories
  • pre-trial orders​

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Company & Corporate Law

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We offer legal support in legal research and drafting of corporate packages, a combination of contracts and other legal document service.

  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Limited Liability Partnership Agreements
  • Directors' duties and duties of members of Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Re-structuring and formations
  • internal management of companies and LLP's – meetings, voting procedures, resolutions
  • Subscription Agreements
  • General compliance matters
  • We draft and modify contracts to ensure they are compatible with changing legislations
  • We'll produce your manual and update policies & procedures in line with new legislation

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Business Start Up & Small Businesses

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At Khupe legal we offer expert legal advise for Business Start Up's & Small Businesses.

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Employment Law & HR support

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The challenge of keeping on top of complex legislation and legal developments can be challenging for business. you need to comply with legislation and managing your employees fairly. We draft a comprehensive collection of contracts, policies, processes and procedures you need to comply with legislations.

Our services include:

  • Employment Contracts (including Updates)
  • Employment Manual (including Updates)
  • We'll produce your manual and update policies & procedures in line with new legislation.
  • Produce Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures
  • We can advise & guide you through the procedures and produce the appropriate letters
  • Personnel Administration (including drafting letters/forms/documentation)
  • We have a data bank of hundreds of letters and forms that we can provide to save you time and ensure documentation complies with the law.
  • Dispute Resolution we can brokerage employment disputes and termination of employment agreements with full and final settlement in lieu of any potential employment tribunal claim.
  • Newsletters and Employment Alerts
  • We'll keep you up to date periodically with relevant changes and news on personnel and employment law.

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Criminal & Civil Litigation

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We provide invaluable aid to solicitors and barristers throughout the litigation process.

The main duties and responsibilities that we undertake include:

  • Investigation
  • Pleadings
  • Pre-Trial
  • Trial
  • Settlement
  • Appeal

We help to draft pleadings, including the summons, complaint and supporting affidavits. We collaborate with the client to investigate allegations and to formulate responses.

Our paralegals organise and index exhibits, prepare trial binders, and manage document-intensive files. We serve as a liaison between the trial team and third parties, such as witnesses, clients, vendors, experts and courtroom personnel

At trial, we act as the solicitor's or barrister's right hand, by organising exhibits, documents and evidence. We arrange file transportation, and then organise all files and exhibits within the courtroom.

Our roles includes collecting and organising all information needed for settlement. We create settlement brochures, distribution statements or negotiations checklists. We draft settlement agreements and releases, and assist at pre-trial conferences.

We assist with identifying issues for appeal. This includes gathering and organising documents for the record on appeal and/or a joint appendix, indexing cases for a table of authorities, assisting in the research and drafting of appellate documents, and filing documents with the court.

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Health & Social Care

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Our Policies and procedures are designed to be compatible with the Health and Social Care Act 2008, associated regulations. They provide a clear framework within which the Health care providers operates Having well-developed policies and procedures in place can provide the following benefits to your workplace:only hire those that are passionate about what they do. Our team are all highly qualified with a passion for their work.

(a)They help employees know what is expected of them with respect to standards of behaviour and performance.

(b)They set rules and guidelines for decision-making in routine situations so that employees and managers do not need to continually ask senior managers what to do.

(c) They help you to adopt a consistent and clear response across the company to continually refer to situations involving employee interaction.

(d)They allow you to demonstrate good faith that employees will be treated fairly and equally.

(e) They allow you to have an accepted method of dealing with complaints and misunderstandings in place to help avoid favouritism.

(f)They set a framework for delegation of decision making.

(h)They offer you protection from breaches of employment legislation, such as equal opportunity law

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