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Criminal and Civil litigation

We provide invaluable aid to solicitors and barristers throughout the litigation process.

The main duties and responsibilities that we undertake include:

We are thorough in our investigations and will undertake the following:

  • locating and interviewing witnesses
  • taking witness statements
  • gathering documents and evidence
  • creating case notebooks
  • organising documents
  • creating a chronology of facts

We help to draft pleadings, including the summons, complaint and supporting affidavits. We collaborate with the client to investigate allegations and to formulate responses.

Our paralegals organise and index exhibits, prepare trial binders, and manage document-intensive files. We serve as a liaison between the trial team and third parties, such as witnesses, clients, vendors, experts and courtroom personnel


At trial, we act as the solicitor's or barrister's right hand, by organising exhibits, documents and evidence. We arrange file transportation, and then organise all files and exhibits within the courtroom.


Our roles includes collecting and organising all information needed for settlement. We create settlement brochures, distribution statements or negotiations checklists. We draft settlement agreements and releases, and assist at pre-trial conferences.


We assist with identifying issues for appeal. This includes gathering and organising documents for the record on appeal and/or a joint appendix, indexing cases for a table of authorities, assisting in the research and drafting of appellate documents, and filing documents with the court.

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